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The Art Doll Retreat

Fee for class is 65$

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The luggage project

The Luggage Project
An online adventure and mixed media project for artist of all types in which we create a beautiful piece of art from a vintage luggage. I promise you this - you be the talk of the town when they see you pull in with this amazing beautiful luggage! 

In this workshop I will show you step by step instructions; painting, collaging, texture, stamping, painting faces, adding details, and many more little secrets!!

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All material available when you sign up, personal time with me via chat, comments, and email.
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Class includes:

- 7 girl sketches (of my own design) 
  • Tons of videos, collaging, painting, applying texture, finding supplies in unexpected places and so on..
  • 19 pages of a reference booklet, with step by step instructions and details pictures
  • Classroom pages
    • Introduction and resources links
    • Spray painting and collaging
    • Applying paint to surface
    • Applying the face and dress
    • Painting the hair
    • Painting the face
    • Applying the quote or sentiment
    • Applying texture
    • Painting the Lining
    • Final details
Supplies List
  • Collage paper, scrapbook paper (color coordinated), vintage book pages, music paper, etc (your choice of color)
  • acrylic paint (of your choice) I use golden fluids acrylics for the face, (titanium white, titan buff, yellow ochre, pink, burnt umber light, black bone, quinacridone gold)
  • flowers (optional)
  • Mod podge 
  • chipboard crown (or cardboard to make your own)
  • stencils 
  • regular stamps and roller stamps
  • vinyl spackling (you can get at Lowes or Home Depot) you can also use modeling paste
  • gesso
  • spray paint (for background) you can also use gesso and acrylic paints instead
  • matte medium (to apply the face) if you prefer you can use mod podge for this too
  • permanent market (your color of choice)
  • Fixative spray
  • acrylic glaze
  • watercolor crayon and pencil in brown shades
  • spray bottle
  • liquitex ink
  • rub-ons (butterflies, flowers, sentiments...)
  • paper dollies

  • High speed internet
  • printer
  • some computer knowledge
If you have any questions,  please email me

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